Fallout Shelter
Even if you’re not a self-proclaimed Fallout fan, this addictive sim is one of the best Android games around. Tunnel into the earth and build a vault to provide for your dwellers. Can you keep them alive in the face of raiders, radroaches, and other threats?


Nonstop Knight
This action-based RPG is about as simple as dungeon crawlers get. Your knight automatically runs around hacking all kinds of monsters and you tap to launch special moves. You can also buy upgrades with the coins you earn.


Leap Day
This action platformer is packed with traps and monsters, but it’s very easy to play thanks to the simple tap mechanic. The game’s old-school look is nothing new, sure, but the title does introduce a new level every single day, which routinely keeps you coming back for more.


Crashing Season
This is an endless runner with a twist. Playing as an animal, you charge around trying to knock down hunters before facing off against a melody of bosses. There are also coins to collect, along with power-ups, boosts, and a few other notable surprises.


If you loved Monument Valley, then you should play this. It’s a cute isometric puzzler starring robots, one that also allows you to build and share your own levels. It’s both challenging and enchanting — and comes with a light footprint to boot.